Right around the corner...

Within the wall of Lucca everything is nearby.  Here you can find places that are literally a 2 to 5 minute walk from the B&B

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Ask for Paladino Meschi
Corso Garibaldi, 93
Lucca 55100 Tuscany, Italy
+39 0583 490591

Piazza del Giglio, 13/15

55100 - Lucca (LU)

Tel:(+39) 0583.46531

Teatro Giglio
The Teatro del Giglio events are divided into Seasons. The Lyrical Season which, as per tradition, inaugurates the theatrical season in the autumn.. Throughout the winter months and up until late spring, the Prose Season and the Dance Season take place. The concert season called Lucca in Musica takes place in summer time. In spring and fall, aperitif concerts are held on Sunday mornings.
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Piazza Napoleone

Lucca's biggest Piazza where most grand events are held. The stage for concerts is set up here, various markets fill the Piazza and the ice skating rink for the Christmas Festival is found here.

The Train Station

The Central Train Station in Lucca Italy is conveniently located outside the Lucca City Walls and a 5 minute walk from the B&B. Frequent passenger rail service is available from Lucca to Florence, Siena, Pisa, Livorno, Genoa and many other cities. A transfer is sometimes needed in Pisa or Florence.

Itinera Station
Piazza Curtatone - Viale Giusti
100 m from railroad station
Phone 0583 / 496638
Fax 0583 / 306001
E-mail: stazione@luccaitinera.it
Itinera Accomodation
Vecchia Porta San Donato
Piazzale Verdi
Phone 0583 / 583150
Fax 0583 / 582389
E-mail: info@luccaitinera.it
Itinera Check Point
Viale Luporini Tourist Bus Check Point
Phone 0583 / 583462
Fax 0583 / 550342
E-mail: checkpoint@luccaitinera.it
For tourist information in Lucca:
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Around the corner...

From one side of Lucca to another it's a 10 to 15 (at most) walk.  As long as you stay within the wall everything is nearby.

Our personal suggestions of restaurants, pizzerias, ice-cream shops....and more.  All in the center of Lucca.

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Lucca In Tavola
One of our favorite restaurants here in Lucca.  It has a small menu because the food is always fresh.  Michele will make sure you feel welcome and take good care of you, especially when you tell him Le Violette sent you!  The best is their Non-Stop hours - breakfast, lunch and dinner, you can eat anytime you want.
Via San Paolino 130, Lucca
0583 057450
Gelateria Lucca | typical Ice cream shop Lucca | Ice cream shop Veneta |Via veneta Lucca | best place for Ice Cream in Lucca | sugar free ice cream | dairy free ice cream | gluten free ice cream

Two blocks down from us is this plentiful ice-cream shop.  Along with an enormous variety is their choices of sugar-free, gluten-free and even dairy-free ice-cream flavors.  They make milk shakes, popsicles, and cakes.




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Lucca in Tavola